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4 Foot (48 inch) L.E.D. Christmas Wreath

4 Foot (48 inch) L.E.D. Christmas Wreath

(Size app. 48" x 48")

Price: $244.95 per 4 Foot (48 inch) L.E.D. Christmas Wreath
Shipping & Handling: FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING!
6.625% Sales Tax (N.J. Residents only)



Width of Wreath

To assist in ordering the proper size wreath, please note that wreaths are measured (with the branches fully extended) from the outer-most point on opposite sides of the wreath.

A 4 Foot Christmas Wreath will have an app. 32"
outer frame with 8" of tips (branches)
extending off of each side.

MEASUREMENTS: 48" (Tips fully extended)
COVERAGE: App. 45" - 46" -- Shaping the branches after removing the wreath from the box will bring it to it's full size and beauty. After shaping, the coverage area will be app. 45"- 46".

View short video of How to Fluff a Christmas Wreath (1:30)



A few words
from our customers...

"This is the only site I could find exactly what I was looking for...a four foot lighted wreath. Your site was very easy to find, I quickly saw what I wanted and ordering was a snap. This is the second wreath I've ordered from you and it won't be the last. Thanks for great service!"

S.C. - China Grove, NC

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! ... it arrived perfectly on time! You all do such WONDERFUL work. Thank you again and I would recommend you to anyone! Great products, great customer service-AWESOME!"

K.W. - Lebanon, OH

"To Whom It May Concern,
This wreath (4 Foot Deluxe L.E.D. Prelit Christmas Wreath) hangs on the garage - like a beacon of light and faith to welcome all our neighbors [9 in total], friends and relatives during the Christmas season.

It can be seen 'glowing' as you drive the 200 yards down the gravel lane. At first it is seen as a small circle, but by the time you enter the second intersection on the lane, you can see that it definitely is a wreath with a bright red bow.

I thrill to the meaning of the wreath and that it expresses it to all!

J.M.F. - Hamlin, PA